18 January 2012

sorry for the hiatus..

... so much has been going on and i didn't know where to start, so i'll just start.

the week before graduation [mid-may] i got an email from an acquaintance, blacksmith Chris Leslie (Metal Heart Forge), asking if i'd like to meet up and talk about what i've been doing recently.  well we meet at polish falcons for a brew and to my surprise he brings two guys he works for; John and Tim.  turns out, John McWilliam is an ex-house painter now self taught mirrorsmith and Tim Prendergast is a finish carpenter.  They're business partners of a small [small small] custom furniture/mirror design studio.  Chris Leslie had worked with them since the beginning of 2011 and soon after joined Sean Wiler (UWM sculpture grad).  so after telling me what they were about, they asked if i could join the force.  so of course, i took it.  

now it's almost 8 months later and i've been busy... fellow sculpture graduate Charlie Mead also joined the mix at Scáthaín, and we've also added a second carpenter, Zach Lutz and cabinet maker Corey Prendergast [Tim's nephew].  we've done a ton of stuff and at first didn't feel right posting it on here, but i'm game now.  lets go.

[the photos below are in no real order as there are so many but i just wanted to show some of the things i've been working on. a few of which i've worked on designs for but most are team efforts. you may notice the evolution of projects mixed throughout.. but bear with me on this one. in the future i'll be much more organized and often..]

more to come...

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  1. OH MANNNN! What a ton of stuff....

    You guys have been busy. Glad you posted it all.

    Keep it coming!!!!