04 October 2009

bespoke backpack

this is my design for the bespoke project. i have some sort of pack rat backpack problem. i carry around way too many things, yet somehow i never take them out because, "what if i need this?" and more often than not, someone will ask if anyone has a [insert random object here, i.e. bandage, sharpie, deck of playing cards] and i am able to whip said item out. then they usually look at me with an expression that's a mixture of amazement, and semi-creeped out.

here's a list i've compiled of the items to be found in my bag and any given point in time:

-one pack of playing cards, compass, moleskine sketchbook, macbook, laptop charger, ipod and headphones, ipod connector, coffee thermos, one rubber eraser, one gum eraser, one mechanical pencil, .5 refillable lead, three pens, one regular sharpie, one king size sharpie, lighter, random bolts, random objects found on ground, gauze and medical tape, floss, chapstick, razor knife, ceramic cutting pen, gerber all-in-one tool, two flashdrives, small paperback book, check book, extra kryptonite bike lock key, deoderant, ibuprofein, rear bike light, undevelpoed film, and tool pouch.

as if that's not enough, here are the contents of my tool pouch:

-phillips screwdriver, flashlight, small brass hammer with unscrewable screwdriver handle, needle nose pliars, regualr pliars, large pliars, cresent wrench, 15mm wrench, red and black electrical tape, more floss, sharpie, pencil, eraser, small metal ruler, three different files, small jeweler files, small carving knife, four sets of nuts and bolts, bandaids, ear plugs, safety glasses, roll of wire, small level, clay/wax tools, toothbrush (not for brushing teeth), bicycle tire lever, chain tool, allen key set, and a one inch paint brush.

i want a backpack able to carry all my random items around. organized, and in sight so i don't have to dig in a pouch or pocket to find them. another major factor in this design would have to be comfort. my current bag does not have any padding on the back and although the strap has wonderful padding, it still cuts into my shoulder.
i started by playing around with different designs in my head, hard shell, soft shell, what fabric, what materials, etc. i kept coming back to this hexagon pattern, and it stuck so i went full scale model with it.

it was actually quite fun arranging and rearranging the shapes until i was happy with a certain pattern. after studying my own bag and pointing out it's own faults, i finally landed on what i thought was a good start.


  1. Sounds like an excellent project. I've got a similar problem with carrying all my stuff around. I'm curious about the inside though. Do you have it set up with a bunch of pockets? And how are you dealing with the strap cutting into your shoulder? The best way I've ever found to support a lot of weight was to do it with the hips, but I imagine that would 1.) be difficult to get it to look good/work with the design, and 2.) probably not as helpful for the male figure as it is for the female figure. Can't wait to see it.

  2. i'm interested to see this thing turn out, keep updating!